If you’re up to the task, you can tackle some or all of the DIY home staging tips below before calling a professional home staging services company like StagingWorks.

Of course, reputable home stagers can handle most of the tasks below, if required.  That said, if you have the time and energy, and are looking to save some money, there are numerous pre-listing preparations that will significantly improve the presentation of your home.

Here are fifty DIY home staging tips that cover different ways to upgrade the function and appearance of your property without spending a fortune.


1) Go from attic to basement and eliminate all trash, broken items and unused junk
2) Make weekly trips to a refuse facility, rent a dumpster container or use a junk removal company like 1-800-GOT-JUNK
3) Have a garage sale, or bring good items to a consignment shop
4) Donate useful items to charity
5) Photograph items you want to remember, like children’s school papers, before you dump them


6) Place off-season or seldom used items in bins or containers
7) Label bins so you know what you have inside
8) Store bins neatly in your attic or basement
9) Use a storage facility for large items you want to keep – you can also consider a POD
10) Remove at least one piece of furniture from each room


11) Remove all photos, trophies and other family items
12) Pack away religious items, sports items and favourite movie posters
13) Box up knickknacks such as spoon collections,  porcelain plates and the like
14) Eliminate large wall art or unusual accessories with strong colours or “distinctive” patterns – “distinctive” often means “not good”
15) Clear off magnets and mementos from the front of your refrigerator


16) Dust and vacuum floors, ceilings and walls
17) Scrub and wash all windows and trim
18) Clean or regrout tiles in bathroom, kitchen or laundry room
19) Clean all closets and cabinets
20) Shine, polish, wax or scrub all surfaces until they shine, including the fireplace and mantel


21) Clean litter boxes daily
22) Remove pet bowls after feeding
23) Wash and dry pet bedding
24) Remove pet waste from yard daily
25) Board pets if possible


26) Clean carpets and rugs to eliminate stains and odours
27) Remove draperies and curtains that may contain odours
28) Refrain from cooking spicy or strong-smelling foods
29) Keep your home fragrance-free, and don’t burn scented candles
30) Empty garbage after each meal, and clean bathroom trash cans daily


31) Fix any non-working electrical outlets or appliances
32) Repair dings to walls, woodwork or flooring
33) Check plumbing for leaks, and repair (or replace) cracked or broken windows
34) Fix squeaky doors and cabinets, and make sure all kitchen and bathroom doors and drawers are functioning
35) Reseal marble or granite countertops or flooring (if possible)


36) Change out heavy window treatments for light, airy curtains
37) Paint walls a neutral colour and keep colours light
38) Switch out unusual or very large light fixtures for standard fixtures
39) Replace brightly coloured accessories with neutral-toned accessories
40) Use high wattage light bulbs if possible, and be sure all light bulbs and fixtures are washed


41) Paint or thoroughly clean front door, and polish or replace old hardware
42) Wash door windows
43) Reseal or refinish front porch for a good first impression
44) Add a new welcome mat, light fixture or mailbox with classic styling
45) Place flower pots or urns with seasonal decor on front porch


46) Trim bushes and cut grass weekly
47) Manicure garden with attention to edging and weeding
48) Repair broken sidewalks, decks or porches
49) Remove all yard toys and trash, and repair and seal your driveway
50) Paint the exterior of the house if needed

I hope that you have found these DIY home staging tips helpful and please contact us for your home staging or condo staging needs.  StagingWorks services the greater Toronto area.