Every time they run this Audi R8 commercial on TV I have to stop what I’m doing and dream for a little while. I can picture myself holding the wheel in my hands; I can smell the new car odor that’s as intoxicating as any perfume; I can feel the buttery leather seats on my fingertips. It’s a magical feeling, like falling in love.

Emotion-laden big ticket items

So what does Audi advertising and home staging have in common? Cars and homes are both major purchases that evoke great passion in buyers. Part of what turns a buyer into an owner is imagining how one’s life will be with such a fine car or home to call one’s own. The Audi ad really works for me. It puts me in the driver’s seat, so I can imagine myself cruising down the road on a beautiful sunny day enjoying the luxury, performance and beauty of my new car.

Home buyers have to connect in a similar way to a house before they can make such an important purchase. That’s where home stagers comes in. Home staging is basically your home’s own personal commercial. It creates that same kind of dream for the home buyer that the Audi R8 does for car buyers. It creates a visual “dream” for the buyers of the wonderful life they’ll have and how happy they can be in such an appealing, attractive home. Just like the Audi R8 ad sells a lifestyle upgrade, so does home staging. It takes a property and tweaks it until buyers see your home as an extension of their personality, success and happiness.


Some buyers can look at a cluttered home in disrepair and see good bones, but most buyers need a little help to see themselves in a new home. They need a fresh, clean tableau in which they can place their family, their possessions and their friends before they’re ready to put in a bid. Staging helps buyers imagine themselves as owning your home, sitting on your deck, curled up by your fireplace. Until the buyer can make that transition from your house to their house, they won’t make an offer.

Runway models

From cars to runway models, you must be wondering what models have to do with home buying? Even the most beautiful model in the world needs some professional help with her hair and makeup before she sashays down the runway. It’s not good enough for her to look pretty; she must look outstanding before she slips on her designer clothing.

Your home must look outstanding too. Professional home staging utilizes the right amount of accessories, colour and furniture to turn your home into a buyer’s dream home. They want buyers to fall in love with your home, and they use their professional staging skills to make that happen.

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