This post is on issues to avoid when selling your home.

Here’s a list of the common reasons buyers give for not wanting to place an offer on a house.

Data gathered from real estate agents all over North America point to these negatives as the biggest turn offs for buyers. However, several of these issues can be addressed by a home stager.

• Noise from planes or trains: Noise pollution is handled through sound proofing techniques.

• Dirty bathrooms and kitchens: Professional cleaning services are skilled in scrubbing a dirty kitchen or bathroom and making it sparkle.

• Strange plants in the garden: Landscapers can remove ugly or poisonous plants and replace them with attractive flowers and shrubs.

• Sellers who stay for a showing: You must leave when your house is being shown. You make the buyer feel like a visitor rather than allow them to imagine living in your home.

• Clutter: We all have clutter, but when it’s time to sell your house it has to go.

• Loud paint colours: Many people are highly sensitive to colour and would never buy a house with overly bright wall colours

• Bad odours: When exposed to a smell, one’s nose adapts. This is why it takes a new person to sniff out your house to find any foul odors that may be lurking.

• Awkward floor plans: Furniture arrangement can change the flow of a room to camouflage odd floor plans.

• Animals: Lots of whiskers and tails make the buyer think the home is not as clean as it should be. Buyers with allergies avoid homes with pets.

Keeping these potential issues in mind when you sell your home can significantly improve the outcome.

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