Moving – everyone has to do it and everyone absolutely hates it!  Moving day can be one of the most trying and stressful days of your life.  It can sometimes even be emotionally difficult.  The expectation for a moving company should be to subtract from your stress, not add to it!  Finding a good quality Toronto mover has become increasingly difficult, so we thought we would compile some tips and tricks from the experts at Rent-a-Son to help you with this important decision.

1) Google it!

Although this may seem like the most obvious tip in this blog post, it is one of the most important.  With the enormous amount of information on the internet, you can really get a great understanding of what a moving company is all about.  Make sure to browse at least 2-3 pages in to make sure that you get beyond just their website.  You should also read reviews online (Google, Yelp, to see what past clients have to say about their experience.  Do not base you decision solely on one or two bad reviews, but if you see a pattern forming, then this is probably a company that you should avoid.  It is also not a bad idea to Google the phone number that you have been provided for the company to see if they might be operating under a different (and less reputable) name, as this is unfortunately becoming more and more prevalent in the industry.

2) Review the “About Us” website section for each mover you are researching.

If you are going to trust your home and your personal belongings to a moving company, then the least that the moving company can do in return is open up their business to you.   Most moving companies in Toronto offer very superficial descriptions of their business, people and operations.   Also beware if a company does not provide their address of business or provides a PO box instead.  Try to look through the moving company’s website to see how they differentiate themselves from their competitors.

3) Too Good to Be True?

You do not necessarily need to hire the most expensive moving company available but if the mover you are interested in is offering a considerably lower price than anyone else, there is likely something fishy going on.  Moving companies that stand behind their service and strive to provide exceptional customer service have higher operating costs.  Better moving companies typically pay their employees more, have a more modern fleet, and reduce the anxiety on moving day by being more accessible and having more accountability if anything goes wrong.

4) Contact the Canadian Association of Movers.

CAM (Canadian Association of Movers) is a body that governs moving companies operating in Canada.  Although most consumers are not aware of their existence, CAM can provide great information on prospective companies.  Always ask if the moving company is certified with CAM and any other information that they may know.  They can often save you a fair amount of research and narrow your potential pool of companies down to the best of the best.

5) Take the guesswork out of estimating.

Estimating a moving service can be very difficult as numerous factors (length of walk, elevators, tight access, awkward pieces, lot of fragile items, etc.) can all play a role in how long a move will take.  Be wary of a company that will give you a basic estimate over the phone without any probing questions or a list of the items.  You are not “average” and there is no way to estimate with any certainty the length of time a move will take based on averages.  This may seem like a more time consuming process that you do not want to go through but it is better to take the time now than deal with the costly surprises that you may encounter on move day.


There are some really great and some really awful moving companies operating in Toronto and the GTA, and hopefully these tips and tricks will help make your decision a little easier.  Do your research and go with your gut feeling on who to hire.  Keep in mind that your moving company should be available, reliable and accountable to their clients.  And don’t forget to contact Rent-a-Son for a free estimate.


This guest post was provided by Rent-a-Son – Voted Toronto’s Best Mover two years in a row by Homestars. Visit us online at

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