Christmas decorating ideas: think simple yet elegant

This holiday season, try taking some tips from professional home stagers who know how to stage a home to look its very best. A glut of Christmas decorations takes away from elegant holiday décor and can end up looking like piles of glittery clutter rather than a festive and sophisticated Christmas tableau.

Follow a colour theme

By choosing a colour theme, you will have a unifying element in your decorations. It’s fine to be traditional and go with a red and green colour scheme, but if your home is a palette of pastels or bold purples and aquas, look for decorations that complement your home’s dominant colours for an elegant and beautiful look that doesn’t clash with your home décor but adds to it.

Go natural

The “go green” generation is creating a totally new way to decorate for Christmas. Instead of shiny red bows, polyester Santas and strings of colored lights that look more at home at a carnival than in your living space, green decorating is about using natural materials like pinecones, evergreen boughs, holly berries and even fruits and nuts to add Christmas beauty to your home. This style is both simple and elegant and packs a powerful holiday punch when done correctly.

Be real

Try to eliminate anything fake, faux or plastic and choose beautiful items that nature gives you for free. Put up a real tree and string with small white lights for illumination. Yes, small white lights may not be found in nature, but they do highlight the natural items you are using for your decorations just like moonlight and dew make your outdoor evergreens glisten.

Make your own decorations

Have fun stringing popcorn and cranberries and place these natural garlands on your tree. Nestle pinecones and pomegranates in your mantel greenery. Use a collection of unmatched silver candlesticks complete with white beeswax tapers for a seasonal look that adds sugar and spice to your home and your holiday.

Winterberry and boxwood can be fashioned into simple wreathes for your front door or as a mantel decoration, and poinsettias in colours that range from a maroon-red to a peachy-pink look great by the fireplace, entrance way or can reign supreme on your dining room table.

Perk up your porch

Place two urns on your front porch and fill them with miniature pine trees. Add some small clear lights for extra starlight, and hang birdseed ornaments on their boughs as a gift to the small creatures that share your neighborhood.

Welcome winter white

One of the latest trends in Christmas decorating is to think “winter” instead of Christmas. Winter decorating entails using snowflake motifs, clear glass and white lights to add a seasonal ambiance to your home that will live beyond the holiday. Bring in long, bare branches and “plant” them in glass vases filled to the brim with white stones. Add white lights for a festive glow in any room.

Hopefully these Christmas decorating ideas provide some new ways to make your home more festive during this holiday season.

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