Downtown Toronto Condo Staging Case Study - Living Room After Photo 1

After – Living Room


This condo staging case study profiles a 700 square foot Downtown Toronto unit in the Spadina and Front Street neighbourhood.


The Customer:

This client was a young (20’s something) investor decided to sell her vacant investment condo. This was her first investment, which was made in a new development.


Their Problem:

The first problem was that the condo had been listed for three months, with no offers.

This property was in the typical Downtown Toronto square footage range, and had two bedrooms. Because it was vacant, and a little on the smallish size, it was very difficult for buyers to visualize how they would set up furniture, define a living room and still have room for a dining space. Because the space was vacant, buyers would go directly to the window which had a view of a massive hole many floors below. Another condo was in the midst of construction and the view was not ideal.


Our Approach:

We recommended staging the entire unit with new furniture and colourful artwork and accessories. We needed to show the buyer how the condo could fit a table and chairs, as well as have room for a living area with a TV. We defined the living area with an area rug, a condo sized sofa and occasional chair. Buyers could now see that they could watch a movie, with room for a friend or two join them. In the dining area, we managed to place a glass top table with four chairs so now there was an easily defined eating area. The bedroom we staged with a queen bed and in the tiny spare room we put a twin bed and end table. We staged the bathroom with pretty white towels, a printed shower curtain for some pop and accessories.


Price of Condo Staging

The price of  the condo staging was $2800.


The Result:

Everyone was thrilled with the end result. It targeted that young, first time buyer perfectly.   It was young and fresh and made sense. Because there was now colour on the walls and warmth was brought in with the furnishings, the first thing the buyers went to was no longer the window with the awful view. The view now took second place to a great place to live.



Selling Price:

The condo sold for 100% of asking price.


Time to Sale:

The property sold in 21 days.


We hope that this condo staging case study was helpful. StagingWorks provides a full range of condo staging solutions to house and condo sellers in the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us today to help you sell your home for more.