Home Staging Frequently Asked Questions

What is home staging?

Home staging is a marketing process used to showcase your property for a successful sale. When it has been completed, it provides sellers with a house, condo or loft that shows to its full potential, draws more successful showings and leads to a sale faster and for a higher price.

Why do I need to stage my house or condo? It already looks great.

Though your property may “look great” in your eyes, it is really the appeal to buyers that is important. This is where professional home staging adds value by preparing your house, condo or loft in a manner that ensures buyers connect with your property and fall in love.

Why should I invest in staging when I am going to be moving out in the near future?

Staging involves a modest investment that sellers use to maximize their selling price. Decisions a seller makes on their choice of realtor and the presentation of the property have profound financial consequences. It creates an emotional connection between buyers and your house. When this happens, they are less likely to haggle on the price. As an example, by investing $2,500 in staging, it is typical that a Toronto house or condo can be sold at a price point of at least $25,000 higher.

I have a friend or relative with a “keen sense of style”, so why do I need a professional stager?

This is a comment that we hear once in a while. For most people, their house or condo is one of their largest investments. Protecting and maximizing their equity is critical. Using a friend with a “keen sense of style” may work out, or perhaps the nominal fee that you avoided paying a stager just ended up costing you a $50,000 reduction in your selling price. It’s a gamble that most sellers are not willing to make.

What does it cost?

Typically 0.5 % – 1% of the asking price.

Who pays?

Typically the real estate agent / realtor pays for the consultation and the owner pays for the staging.

When should I stage – before or after listing?

Before the listing, if you have the choice. Staged homes provide higher impact photos for MLS and realtor marketing material.

How do I select a good stager?

Probably the worst way to select a stager is to choose solely based on price. Consider the experience, market knowledge, track record of results and portfolio as some of the key criteria.

Are a home stager and a home decorator the same thing?

No they are not. Stagers are focused on home presentation when you sell and prepare the property to appeal to buyers. Decorators are focused on home presentation when you plan to continue living in your property, and prepare the property to appeal to the current occupant.

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