Richmond Hill Home Staging Case Study - Living Room After Photo 1

After (Living Room)


This home staging case study profiles a two-story Richmond Hill house in the Yonge and Bloomington neighbourhood.


The Customer:

Laura was a single mother with two boys, one who had moved out on his own and one still living with her. She was ready to downsize into a smaller property in the same neighbourhood.


Their Problem:

This property was a 2,500 square foot detached house with four bedrooms and a large finished basement. The home was very well maintained but as it had been lived in for 20 years, it was in need of some serious de-cluttering and a little updating. The light fixtures were all the builders original, the furniture was all quite dated and did not fit the small living area, and the basement, although finished, was used as the “dumping ground” for items not in use. The light fixtures dated the property and made it look rather dark. The large dark furniture in the living/dining area did not fit into the space and there was no dining room table and chairs. The basement was just a clutter of mis-matched items and was not set-up whatsoever. See the “Before” pictures below.

Our Approach:

The first thing we suggested was to invest a little money in a pretty new light fixture for the dining area as it is the first area that a buyer sees when entering the home.   We also recommended replacing the small “ball” fixtures throughout the house with semi-flush mount ones that are more current. We were able to select our ideas for light fixtures and send them photographs of our recommendations. We gave the clients a detailed list of everything that needed to be removed from the property, including the living room furniture and all of the items from the basement.   They worked for two weeks packing, throwing out or storing all of the extra items that filled the property.   Once it was thoroughly de-cluttered, it was then scrubbed clean, including carpets from top to bottom. When all of this prep work was complete our team came in with beautiful new furniture, art, accessories, bedding, lamps and area rugs to showcase the various rooms.


Price of Home Staging:

The price of the staging was $5,500.


The Result:

Everyone was delighted with the end result. The property now looked much bigger and brighter and much more updated. The furniture fit the rooms, colour was added with accent pillows, lamps, area rugs for some softness, new bedding and sparkling accessories for a finished product that photographed beautifully so that the marketing material was exceptional. See the “After” photos below for the same rooms as shown in the “Before” photos above.

Selling Price:

Asking price: $789,900

Sold for: $851,000

Selling price premium over asking price: $61,100


Time to Sale:

This property sold in 5 days, with 5 offers made.


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