Vacant Home Staging in Toronto

StagingWorks provides vacant home staging in Toronto and the greater Toronto area. Staging vacant properties for sale is our specialty. House and condo owners and realtors use our professional staging services to prepare their unoccupied properties. Custom home builders routinely use us to stage their model units priced anywhere between $500,000 and $7,000,000.

An unoccupied house or condo is basically an empty shell. The property appears vast, cold, uninviting and virtually impossible for most buyers to visualize how much warmer the house or condo could look in a fully furnishings live-in ready state.

The result is that buyers:
Do not emotionally connect with your space
Do not see the full potential
See the house or condo as “incomplete”
Are lukewarm on the property
Expect a substantial discount off the asking price
Are reluctant to take the step of placing an offer

We have helped numerous Toronto and GTA property owners, realtors and builders who have had their listing go “stale”.

In these cases, here’s what happened:

They withdrew their “stale” listing for the vacant property from the market
We staged it
It was re-listed at a higher price
It sold for a premium price – ranging between $20,000 and $450,000 higher than the vacant property’s asking price, depending on the property

Staging a vacant space is like staging a movie set. It’s demonstrating a lifestyle and buyers not only want to purchase a home, they want the lifestyle that comes with it. Builders understand this and that is why they hire designers to showcase the lifestyle that one of their homes affords. People want to see where they can sit as a family and watch television. The bachelor shopping for a condo needs to see that there is room for entertaining a group of his friends or to impress his new girlfriend.

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Whatever the home and whatever the lifestyle, StagingWorks can take that empty shell and transform it into a model home that buyers will fall in love with. Staging vacants is our specialty. Let StagingWorks showcase your home for a successful sale.