We recently did a post over at Roxanne Henderson’s site City House Country Home talking about decorating your home for holidays when it’s on the market. Roxanne is a real estate selling broker amongst the top 2% of real estate professionals licensed with Toronto Real Estate Board.

Selling your home in winter has its challenges. Luckily, decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be one of them. In our post, we provide readers some tips on how best to decorate their homes during the Christmas holidays while keeping potential buyers in mind.

Our tips include:

  • Decorating for winter instead of for Christmas to make your home warm and inviting for all potential buyers.
  • Choosing a festive colour scheme as the central element of your holiday décor.
  • Decorating the family room to make it cozy and welcoming.
  • Little holiday extras that may appeal to buyers.
  • Keeping visitors safe during the winter months.
  • The importance of good outdoor lighting to attract buyers during the dark winter months.

For the full article, please visit City House Country Home’s blog here.

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