This is a guest post by Kathy Densmore of Brighten Your Day Home Cleaning Services, a market leader based in Aurora and serving the York Region area.  We have worked with Kathy’s team on several projects and have continually found their work to be excellent.  For more information on Brighten Your Day Home Cleaning Services, visit  Using an effective home cleaning company is often a key step in preparing your home prior to listing it for sale.

There are many reasons why people decide to have someone come in and professionally clean their home. The most common and important one is simply time. Time is a very valuable luxury today that we cherish dearly … whether we wish to spend it with loved ones or to simply get out and enjoy life.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to choose the right company that you can place your trust in. You will want to do this right the first time … before handing over the key to your home. When choosing a home cleaning company there are a few important questions, to not only ask the potential company, but yourself as well.

As the homeowner, you need to think about what you need cleaned on a regular basis. Do you want to have your home managed, whereby you are only really tidying up and doing spot cleaning in between your cleans, or are there only certain areas you want to delegate. Choosing a company that offers flexibility on cleaning tasks, as well as, times offered that will fit in with your daily living are important thoughts to consider.

Here’s a quick checklist of some general questions to ask;

  • Will they provide service as often as you want and to meet your unique needs?
  • Do they charge hourly or by the job?
  • Who’s cleaning supplies and vacuum will be used? What products are used?
  • What happens if the scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday or when someone is sick or on vacation? How much notice is required to change a cleaning date?
  • Do they send the same employee(s) back on each visit? How many will be sent to your home? Do they perform background checks and are they bondable?
  • What actions does the company take to ensure the cleanings are consistently good quality? What is the procedure if you are not happy with your cleaning?
  • Do they have business insurance & what takes place if something is broken or damaged in your home?
  • Are employees covered by WSIB if they get hurt in your home?
  • Why should you choose their company over their competitors?

The most important questions are about the company itself. Questions like; how long have they been in business, do they provide references, and do they immerse themselves in the community they work in? Is the owner ‘hands on’ or only a voice on the telephone? Will you feel comfortable that there will be an open line of communication down the road? Are they knowledgeable regarding cleaning different surfaces such as marble versus granite, or hardwood floors versus tile?

At Brighten Your Day Home Cleaning Services, we recognize how important the word trust is. We understand that when you hand over the key to your home you are handing over parts of your life that you cherish. You trust us with the health of your family, pets and the time freed up to enjoy these precious gifts. At Brighten Your Day, we strive to autograph our work with excellence every time we enter your home!

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