Testing the Waters Dampens Your Home Selling Results

August 11, 2012 | Marketing and Selling Your Home

Were you thinking of putting your home up for sale to “see how it goes” before investing in staging? It may seem like you have nothing to lose, but research shows that testing the waters with a home that is not fully prepared could be a costly mistake.

Redfin, a US based real estate organization, studied 15,650 online listings and determined that a home will get four times as many online views in the initial week as it will one month later. If, for example, you had 88 hits the first week, you will only get 22 in a week one month later.

You have the best chance of making a sale from that initial flurry of interest. With more views you tend to get more offers, and with more offers comes a better price. The longer a home sits on the market the less likely it is to get its asking price. Wasting those initial viewings costs you money.

The one month interval used for comparison is the typical time period before most sellers consider a price correction. Reducing the price or even taking the house off the market and re-listing, will never again give you as many views as that first week. Redfin’s study showed that when re-listing was done, the second listings produced less than half the interest initially generated.

You’ve probably heard about the importance of a good first impression. Nowadays the first impression is made with online marketing. 80% – 90% of home shoppers start their search by viewing online pictures to determine which homes they will visit.

The online first impression depends on good photographs. There is only so much that can be done, even with the best camera, if the home is poorly prepared or vacant. Professional home staging ensures your home will be photogenic. Staging enhances all your other marketing efforts.

If you use the “wait and see” strategy, and later decide to complete the staging, you will have to re-do photos and rework marketing materials. Unfortunately, that duplicated effort can never produce the same results it would have if done at the start. By the time you complete the changes, you have lost initial momentum and are only reaching a small fraction of the viewers you did in the beginning. Home staging produces the highest return on investment when done before listing.

Why not make the most of your initial batch of viewers? They make up three quarters to one half of all the people who will ever see your listing. Why waste the momentum? For maximum return, ensure your home looks its best right from the beginning with proper staging.


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