Staging your Toronto home – a day in the life …

August 21, 2012 | Home Staging, Tips and Projects

Staging your Toronto home – we make it look easy…

What do you think it takes to furnish and decorate an entire property in one day?  As a professional home stager serving the greater Toronto area market, it is part of my job to make what I do look easy.  All a client needs to do is ensure that we have access to their property.  They arrive after all of the staging is complete and voila, a beautifully staged home that any buyer will fall in love with.

Before a staging day even begins, an entire team of people are involved in ensuring the day is a success.  Our movers are booked so that large sofas and beds that can barely squeeze through that tight landing can be delivered without scuffing a wall or scraping the furnishings.  A professional photographer is booked to ensure the photographs are the highest quality.  My assistants make sure beds are steamed to perfection and everything is dusted and in perfect shape.

On the staging day the truck needs to be loaded carefully to ensure that everything will fit and that nothing gets forgotten or damaged.  A missing box spring or table top is something that can happen and will add hours to the staging day.  Once the furniture and boxes of accessories and bedding are loaded and delivered, we begin to set up the furniture.  We then hang the art perfectly.  Hanging an entire house worth of art is a skill that we take very seriously because a picture that is too high or too low can look amateur.  Once the art is hung we start making beds, steaming the covers, and accessorizing with pillows, flowers, books etc.

When the clients arrive what they see is the beautiful finished product.  What they don’t see is two very sweaty movers with aching backs, fingers that have been hit one too many times with a hammer, shins that have a bruise or two from lifting boxes off the truck too quickly, and the list goes on.  They walk into a beautiful new home filled with the latest designer furnishings and artwork, everything is shined and perfect.   They are thrilled with the results and look forward to the excitement the final product will produce in potential buyers.

Voila!  No, it’s not that easy, but we love making it look like it is.


90% of the properties that we stage sell within 3 weeks.

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