How to Prepare for a Toronto Open House

August 30, 2012 | Marketing and Selling Your Home

Toronto real estate agents will tell you an open house is an excellent marketing tool. Prior to planning a Toronto open house, you should consider hiring a professional stager. In addition to standing out from other listings, staging your home helps it reach top market potential. Before professional stagers get involved, there are several tasks you can do to prepare for their arrival. Your hard work is the beginning of transforming your home from average to spectacular.

You need to clean your house from the attic to the basement. We’re not talking about simply dusting and sweeping. We’re talking about deep cleaning. That means moving furniture, shampooing carpets, scrubbing floors, and cleaning light fixtures. When stagers arrive your property, it should be sparkling. Stagers can change and add furniture or accessories, but are not cleaners. The guests at your open house should notice the bright space and nice flow, rather than dust bunnies and dirty windows.

If you don’t have time to get all the cleaning done, hire someone or ask friends and relatives to help. Some home staging companies, like StagingWorks, have cleaners that can be made available to clients, for a separate fee. Making sure your house or condo is clean is not negotiable. When finished, go through your property and examine it. Try to view rooms from the perspective of a potential buyer.

Remove all your family photos and personal items. If your living room is covered with pictures of your kids, it could make buyers feel like intruders. You want them to feel comfortable and imagine their family living in the house.

Pack away any religious symbols or political memorabilia. You don’t want to offend any prospects.  During the showing is not the time to make a personal statement. Your home should appeal to a wide range of people.

Be aware of offensive smells. The stench of cigarette smoke or the strong odor of a pet litter box can cause guests to cross you off their list. Prior to your event, avoid cooking foods with strong odors. Foods with strong spices, fish, or acidic items like sauerkraut can make an overwhelmingly bad impression. Instead, create a pleasant smell. Bake a batch of cookies the day of the event. Although this is an old tactic, it does work. Visitors often associate good smells with good memories. Families will feel like they belong in your home.

When the inside of your home is ready, go outside. Ensure that you have taken care of the outdoor maintenance. That means trimming the lawn, doing small repairs, and washing all the windows.

A good turnout for your Toronto open house increases the chances of getting an offer. In addition to staging your home, other creative marketing tactics can improve the attendance. Ask your real estate agent about unique marketing ideas. Advertising a door prize draw, serving snacks, or handing out a brochure with colored photos of your property’s best features might attract more visitors.

Once you’ve done your work, walk away. Allowing the professionals do their jobs is your best bet for a successful event.

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