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September 5, 2012 | Marketing and Selling Your Home

I came across a good article by Amy Hoak of MarketWatch on the value of using high quality photos for your marketing material when you sell your home.

The key takeaways are:

98% of home buyers who searched for a home online said that photos were among the most useful features of real-estate websites (US National Association of Realtors).

Listings with photos taken by professionals have 61% more views than other homes — and that’s across all price tiers, according to research from Redfin, a real-estate brokerage.

People searching on-line for a home search by price range, location, bed and bath to identify what is available in their price bracket. Once they have the list, the visual piece becomes an important part of the decision. Photos create the first impression.

Some additional insights on choosing a selling agent:

When deciding on which agent to use to sell your home, have a look at their current listings and evaluate their property photos. If the pictures are blurry, grainy, crooked or poorly composed, you may be better off choosing another agent.

Do their listing photos look like they could be from a home and garden magazine?

How many photos do they include with their listing?  There should be enough to highlight all the key features of the home (5 is too few and 30 is too many)?

Don’t cheap out.  Unless you’re a professional photographer, leave real estate photography to a professional.

Highlight to the photographer what you think are some of the home’s best features.

Ask to see the photos before they are listed on-line (e.g. on the MLS listing).


An example was included where a condo unit was being listed for sale.  In the same building, a comparable condo sat on the market (unsold) for six months before our seller’s unit was listed. But the photos of the other unit weren’t taken by a professional.  In contrast, prospective buyers who walked through our seller’s condo thought that it was a staged model home. This resulted in multiple offers right away.

For our post on three reasons why professional photograph helps in the sale of your home, see here.

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