How colour trends in fashion influence colour trends in home decor

November 8, 2012 | Home Decor and Design Trends

Colour your world

At a recent seminar hosted by famed interior designer Brian Gluckstein, he discussed how colour trends in fashion influence colour trends in home decor. For example, Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year, lemon sorbet, first appeared in women’s fashions including ski parkas, hand-knit sweaters, suede jackets and even lemony lace wedding dresses before it became the go-to colour or new neutral for home interiors.

Gluckstein pointed out that while retro seventies graphic prints are making a comeback in women’s fashion, they are also one of the hottest new home decor trends for area rugs, curtains, lampshades and other home accessories. It makes sense, if you think about it.

Love of colour

Whether we mean to or not, many of us choose to dress our homes in the same colour palette, styles or patterns in which we dress ourselves. If a peek into our closet shows a variety of red garments, chances are our homes will also reflect our love of red. However, some homeowners tremble at the thought of adding colour into their home even though they long to elevate their home decor from ho-hum ordinary to oh-wow extraordinary.

Fear of colour

Right up there with spiders, heights and transcontinental flights is the fear of colour. Many people are hesitant to commit to a bright or saturated color because they aren’t sure they’ll pick one they can enjoy and live with on a day-to-day basis. Although a bright purple scarf may add pizzazz to a neutral ecru dress, will that same colour remain palatable if it’s covering a seven-foot sofa or four dining-room walls?

Portable colour

Fear that an intended “wow” factor will end up an eye-straining “ow” factor is one of the main reasons many interior designers suggest using portable colour that can be moved around, changed frequently or removed with ease. Draperies, throw pillows, vases, area rugs, lamps and art work are great places to use bold colors without fear. You can experiment with colours like pink-maroon, magenta red or creamy aqua in your accessories. The new pops of vibrant colour can alter the look of your space without defining it for the next few years.

Colour fatigue

Once you’re tired of your colour choice, or want to reflect another style, pattern or even seasonal look, you can swap out the pillows, artwork or afghan throws and create a totally new space by adding in black and white geometric prints, soft sherbet shades or metallics like brass, copper and bronze hues.

It is really interesting to see how these trends in fashion end up showing themselves in our home decor.

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