Home stagers understand the emotions of selling your home

December 18, 2012 | Home Staging, Tips and Projects

They may not have a degree in psychology, but home stagers understand the deep emotional connection sellers have to their property. They understand the emotions of selling your home and use finesse, kindness and patience to help clients realize that their property needs work before it’s ready to go on the market, and once problems have been addressed, their property will sell quickly and for top dollar.

Home stagers base their recommendations on issues that have proved to delay a sale or cause a house or condo to sell at a lower price than the owner deserves. For example, when a stager suggests a client remove all the clutter from the family room, it’s not a moral judgment on neatness, but an understanding that the average buyer will not be able to see through the toys or fitness equipment to notice the room’s best features like hardwood floors, moldings or oversized windows.

Baby steps

Home stagers are skilled in organization and time management. Because the thought of a total room makeover can be daunting to the seller, the stager breaks down each necessary improvement into small steps that make the project organized and manageable.

Full-service home staging

Stagers can identify and point out what needs to be done before a house is ready for market, or they can do it all without any help from the client. Services available to the client are varied and inclusive. Stagers can arrange for dump runs, rent off-site storage, hire painters or floor sanders, find a pet hotel for Fido and Fluffy or rent furniture for homes that have been vacated and are currently empty.

Help for the DIY client

If sellers have the time and inclination to make the changes needed before the stager comes in with the finishing touches, the clients can save money. A home staging business will identify what needs to be done and an approximate time on how long it might take to accomplish the changes, upgrades, cleaning and decluttering. The clients always have the choice to do the repair work, painting and dump runs themselves or to hire the stager to handle the repair and cleanup chores.

The perfect home to show

A property that’s easy to sell and will sell at a great price has to be sparkling clean, neat and tidy, and in perfect working order. Even small things like dripping faucets, a stove burner that doesn’t work or a toilet that needs to have its handle jiggled after each flush can be enough to make a buyer think twice about the property.

Stagers are focused on helping their client secure the best price for their home in the shortest amount of time.

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