Why Home Staging Works

December 24, 2012 | Home Staging, Tips and Projects

People sometimes wonder why home staging works.  Toronto buyers are savvy, sophisticated and knowledgeable. You want to catch their attention and interest right at the curb and continue to maintain their attention by presenting your house or condo in the best possible light.

Curb appeal

Curb appeal is a matter of tidying up gardens, removing lawn clutter, adding fresh flowers or shrubs and making sure the pathway to your house and the front steps are in perfect condition. Overgrown shrubs, patchy grass, broken brick walkways and children’s toys or sports equipment scattered on the lawn or sidewalk deter from the curb appeal of your property.

Front porch

Once the buyers reach your front porch, they should see an attractive front door, freshly painted or oiled, decorative touches like plants or urns, outdoor lights that are clean and bright and coordinating or complementary house numbers, door hardware and mailboxes. Porch railings should be freshly painted and securely attached to the porch. Door trim should also be touched up to ensure a like-new appearance, and the porch should be swept clean of dirt and leaves.

Don’t forget to include a fresh, new welcome mat on your porch which actually does welcome the buyer to your house while also giving them a place to wipe their feet before they enter your pristinely clean property.


Home stagers know how important the first impression of your interior space is. A buyer is excited to see what is inside a house that they find attractive on the outside. Your buyer’s first look at the foyer should be one that sets the tone for the rest of the space. Fresh flowers on a foyer table, pretty throw rugs and framed artwork in the entrance way have a positive influence on your prospective buyer which will carry over to other areas.

First impression

If you’ve staged your space appropriately, your buyer is going to have an instant connection to the property. A clean neat yard, porch and entrance way will attract buyers just like a smile attracts new friends.  Stagers place great emphasis on having the introduction to your house or condo be as perfect as possible for a reason. The first impression of a house may end up being the lasting impression buyers take with them as they decide whether to put in a bid or not.

Home staging magic

Staging is so much more than arranging furniture or adding new décor. Stagers helps your home make sense, creates a flow pattern and gives each room a unique purpose. The greatest part of home staging is intangible. Professional staging can turn an average property into a sought after property with multiple offers.

Hopefully those wondering why home staging works  agree that this real estate marketing method can add real value during the sales process.

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