Six ways to make your home more appealing to buyers

December 26, 2012 | Marketing and Selling Your Home

There are six key elements that are used frequently by professional home stagers to help a property become its best self. Most buyers are looking for a spacious, move-in ready home that’s sparkling clean and decorated with neutral colours. Typically, the more your property can reach that ideal, the quicker it will sell. You can hire the services of a professional home stager, or use these home staging tips to enhance your chances of a quick and easy sale.

Go neutral:

Use neutral paint shades for walls and furnishings so that buyers can picture their own furnishings or favourite colours in your home and aren’t overwhelmed by your taste, colours or décor.

Downsize your furniture:

Remove at least one piece of furniture from each room. Eliminate the largest pieces first like armoires, wardrobes, sideboards and floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

Bring in the light:

Remove heavy window treatments, shades or blinds that keep the home’s interior dark and dreary and prevent air flow.

Make your walls a blank slate:

Remove personal items like photos and store them away. Each buyer needs to see your home as their own, and family photos stop them from doing so.


Even if you love your collection of Teddy bears, most buyers will see them as clutter. Pack up personal collections, and you will add more space to your interior.


Every surface in your home – glass, wood, tile or stainless steel–needs to be scrubbed, cleaned or polished so that a buyer feels your home is in like-new condition.

Professional home stagers can help with all of these items.  Individually, each contributes varying value, but combined, they produce a very large positive impact that can have a dramatic impact on the selling price and time on the market.

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