Staging a vacant property transforms a house into a home

December 26, 2012 | Home Staging, Tips and Projects

For many people, a vacant home has no soul. There can be an uncomfortable feeling when you walk into a house and your voice echoes through the rooms. There is an eerie feeling when you hear your heels click loudly on the floor, the air is stale, and it’s clear that there has been no human activity in the house for some time.

Homes without furnishings, window treatments or artwork on the walls are cold and even foreboding. When a buyer walks into an empty room, any flaw, ding or smudge on the woodwork is magnified out of proportion because there is nothing to look at but bare walls and floors. Staging a vacant property transforms a house into a home.

Stage a vacant property for a quick sale

Ask any real estate agent and most agents will tell you that their empty houses would sell so much faster if they had some furniture, rugs and accessories to soften the appearance of the home. In fact, many agents expect to get a lower sale price on homes that are stripped of signs of life based on past experiences selling homes that are barren.

Lead the way

When home buyers enter an empty house, many will wonder what each room’s purpose is. The small bedroom upstairs may be an office, but maybe it’s a nursery. The large room off the foyer could be the formal living room or maybe it’s the great room. Is this a mudroom or is it the laundry room? Home stagers give each room a purpose so the buyers can not only envision living in the home, they can see themselves interacting with guests, watching television at night or going into the study and shutting the door for quiet work time. Home stagers tell buyers the purpose of each room by furnishings and accessories and clear up any buyers’ confusion over a room’s purpose or function.

Add life to a vacant property

People don’t buy a house because they sort of like the house. They are motivated to buy a new home, go through the hassle of a move and spend the time and money to do so for one reason only–they love the house and have to have it. It’s very hard to love a home without a heartbeat, and an empty home is flat, cold and lifeless.

Home stagers know exactly what to do to resuscitate a dead house and bring back a pulse. They know that fabric, furniture, textures, colours and accessories speak to clients in a way. The club chair by the fireplace says, “Sit here for a while and read the paper.” The cozy dining nook with painted table and chairs urges, “Watch the sunrise in the morning here while you have your first cup of coffee.” The beautiful bed, lush with crisp linens, whispers, “You’ll love sleeping here after a long hard day. Once buyers can picture themselves living happily in your home, a bid is imminent.

With all of these considerations in mind, staging a vacant property prior to listing it for sale really makes sense if your goal as a seller is to maximize your selling price and minimize your time on the market.

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