Benefits of Home Staging When Selling Your Home

December 30, 2012 | Home Staging, Tips and Projects

There are numerous benefits of home staging when selling your home.

If you want to distinguish your Toronto house or condo from other properties in the same price range, staging can give you that step up.  Professional staging can make the difference in selling your home more quickly for the best price. In addition, you don’t need to stress out about all the details.

Home staging professionals focus on less is more. The less clutter, bulky furniture and outdated accessories, the more likely your property is to show better, impress buyers, and bring in higher offers. The professionals make important decisions while you focus on other tasks.

There are a few steps you can take before a stager visits your Toronto area house or condo. You should browse through your rooms and remove family photos. Then, get rid of clutter. A storage unit, a friend’s garage, or a relative’s basement can serve as a temporary place for excess furniture and special items. If you already know your favorite warn-out floral recliner is an eye sore — yet you just can’t part with it, put it in storage. If you have a hobby that tends to take over a room, get it organized. If you tend to shop too much or hang on to clothing you no longer use, take time to sort. Have a sale or donate to charity, but get rid of excess.

The home stager will give you additional advice as you work together to determine what furniture and accessories should remain in your house. If you still live in your property, you should discuss any items that must stay. If you have already moved, the professionals can start with a clean slate. Either way, they will transform your space to look as appealing as possible. They understand buyers need to feel emotionally connected to the space. They have techniques to focus on positive features and de-emphasize any negatives. The bottom line is simple. Staging helps your home sell faster at its highest potential. Experts on professional real estate sites agree that staging helps sell properties faster and for a better price. One expert, HGTV’s Monica Pederson, says not staging will cost you valuable time and money.

A Century 21 real estate agent agreed. He explained, “I have had two exact houses that one was staged and the other was not. You know what; the one that was not staged was more updated than the staged house. My buyers wanted the staged one even after I explained the other one was updated, and the staged one was not. Staging sells!”

You want buyers to be able to imagine themselves relaxing in your living room. The objective vision of a professional stager does just that. When buyers fall in love with the way your home looks, they are more determined to buy it. Stagers create the look most appealing to the widest range of prospective buyers. They combine the latest trends in décor with proven methods of layout and design.

And finally, the benefits of home staging are well worth the investment, especially when considering the typical magnitude of a price reduction.  Whether you want to stage a 5000 sq. ft. house or 800 sq. ft. condo, professional stagers, like those at StagingWorks, can handle all aspects of your project.

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