Globe and Mail Video Interview: How to help your home sell quickly

April 17, 2013 | Real Estate Market, Media and In The News

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Personal Finance Web Editor Roma Luciw of the Globe and Mail.  We discussed helpful tips homeowners can use to sell their property quickly and profitably.   I believe that the tips I suggest can benefit sellers by giving them a guideline on what’s important to today’s buyers, and what sells quickly in the current market.

You can see the video here — How to help your home sell quickly.

Countertops, flooring and lighting

When I’m asked what home improvements make the most impact on the home buyer, I can answer with confidence: countertops, flooring and lighting. If your countertops are stained, chipped or dated, buyers will be less impressed.  It is relatively simple to update your counters to on trend material like quartz or granite. In my experience, the money spent on updating countertops is returned to the seller through a higher selling price and a quicker sale.

Today’s buyers expect that a home’s flooring will be in perfect condition. Many buyers consider good floors as important as square footage and location when purchasing a home. I recommend that a seller evaluate their floors, and if the floors need to be re-sanded, re-stained or even replaced, the time to do it is before showing the property.

Lighting is the jewelry to your home. It is the added touch that means so much to the total look of your home’s interior. When buyers enter your home, the first thing they see in the foyer or entrance hall is the light fixture. An old, dated light fixture can sour the buyer’s feeling about your home without them even knowing why. The same thing applies to the dining room. A tasteful, sparkling clean, light fixture sets the stage for a buyer’s appreciation for the entire room.

Condo clutter

If you’re selling a condo, it’s important to take a good look at your furnishings, and replace or remove items to make sure you are showing off as much space as possible.  Condos with scaled down furnishings, fewer pieces of small furniture, like tiny cabinets and tables, and more open space have a greater appeal to a buyer than condos with out-of-scale furnishings and careless clutter. Less really is more when selling a condo as buyers imagine themselves entertaining and moving around the space with ease.

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