Globe and Mail: How paint, linens and lighting can help sell your home video interview

April 24, 2013 | Real Estate Market, Media and In The News

In part two of my interview with Personal Finance Web Editor Roma Luciw of the Globe and Mail, we discussed how to prepare a home for sale by making some small, cost-effective changes that will deliver a significant impact on the look and feel of your home and help to sell your house quickly.

You can see the video here – How linens and lighting can help cash-strapped home sellers.

Paint, linens and lighting

A can of paint costs about $50, but it creates a fresh, clean, updated look to a room. That’s why one of the most cost effective things a person can do to prepare their home for sale is to paint the walls. I recommend that sellers use neutral colours on their walls. This allows buyers to see themselves and their furnishings in the space without the distraction of colours that might not appeal to them. One of the easiest things to do when staging a home is to replace the bedding. You can purchase new bedding pretty inexpensively, and it can totally change the look of the space. Fresh, new, white bedding creates a clean, neat hotel look to the space. Finish off the bedding with some beautiful accent pillows to pull things together, and add a touch of colour and texture to the space. Another way to update a bedroom is to add lamps on either side of the bed for extra light and visual interest.

Open up the space

When preparing your house or condo for sale, think of a model home and how clean and open it appears. It’s very important to scale furnishings and accessories to the size of the space. If necessary, rearrange furniture, or move a chair to a storage area to open up the room. Agents and buyers will be walking through your home, and you want to give people plenty of room to walk around without knocking into tables, book cases or other small pieces of furniture. Another reason to remove clutter is that the buyer’s attention can become diverted by collections and knickknacks, and they may miss out on some of the great features of your home.

Don’t forget the balcony

Something condo owners may overlook or forget is their balcony. Balconies offer great additional space buyers are looking for, and they do appreciate that extra space. Make sure the balcony is freshly cleaned especially after the winter when dirt and debris can accumulate. You want this bonus space to look clean and inviting to the buyer. For example, you can purchase a small bistro set to show buyers they can enjoy their morning coffee outdoors on their private balcony. It’s important to set the stage so people can envision themselves living in the space and using it to their advantage.


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