Globe and Mail: Mistakes people make when trying to sell their home video interview

May 8, 2013 | Real Estate Market, Media and In The News

In this third and final part of my interview with Personal Finance Web Editor Roma Luciw of the Globe and Mail, we talked about that fact that in a slowing market, it takes even more effort to sell your house or condo quickly and for the best price possible. Mistakes you make prior to putting the house on the market can make as huge an impact on selling your home as mistakes made after your home has been listed.

You can see the video here – Mistakes people make when trying to sell their home.

Hire an experienced real estate agent

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make before their house is even up for sale is hiring an inexperienced real estate agent. It’s imperative that your real estate agent has lots of experience selling homes and understands the impact and importance of marketing your home in its best light.

For example, professional photography makes a big difference in how your home looks in marketing materials. A professional photographer knows all the tricks and tips on how to make your home look its very best. Also, beautiful photos help to create eye-catching marketing pieces that attract attention.

An experienced, savvy agent should have the skills and ability to make your MLS listing look fantastic — better than the competition — so your listing stands out and shines.

How clean is clean?

Many people don’t realize how demanding today’s buyers are. Even though your home may appear clean and neat, you have to go the extra mile in today’s market. It’s important to do the little things that make your house outstanding.

For example, put away laundry and laundry baskets, clean off your counters, and remove items like toasters, mixers, coffee pots and kitchen tool containers, and you’ll increase the amount of counter space you offer to the buyer without spending a penny. Your home’s first impression must be one that stays with the buyer, and you want that impression to be that your home is neat, tidy and spotless.

Be flexible

No doubt, it’s inconvenient to have your home up for sale. However, to sell your house quickly and at a great price, your home must be ready for viewing at all times. Another huge mistake sellers make is to give their agent a small window of opportunity to show their home. Sellers should give agents as much opportunity as possible to view their home with interested buyers. When you give an agent tiny little time frames for viewing, it reduces the chances you’ll find the right buyer for your property and lengthens the time your home will be on the market.

The problem with pets

When selling your home or condo, pets pose a problem. Many people are allergic to pets, and some are highly allergic. If at all possible, it’s important to remove your pets from your home during showings. Even the sight of a dog bed, water bowl or litter box can stop a sale in its tracks.


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