Top 9 Features Home Buyers Want

November 22, 2013 | Marketing and Selling Your Home

Many of today’s buyers are looking for a home that is move-in ready.  Based on our experience, here is our top 9 list of features home buyers want when looking for a new property.

1. Updated Kitchen

Some say you’re not selling a home, you’re selling a kitchen. A dated kitchen is often a deal breaker for buyers, as all they see is an expensive renovation. A quick update can make a big difference. Neutral coloured paint, updated cabinet hardware and a new faucet can give your kitchen the facelift it needs.

2. New Appliances

New and high-end appliances are high on most home buyers’ lists. As discussed on Bob Vila’s site here, stainless steel appliances are now seen as the norm and are expected by home buyers. But don’t go overboard – large professional stoves, double dishwashers or restaurant sized refrigerators don’t offer a good return on investment.

3. Neutral Décor

The third of the features home buyers want is neutral decor. Potential buyers must be able to picture the home as their own. Keeping the paint colours and finishes neutral and minimizing personal touches such as family pictures can help them see the home’s potential.

4. Good Storage Solutions

Custom closet systems and well-designed walk-ins are big selling points. Half empty closets also show buyers your home has plenty of storage. Adding storage options in open concept or smaller home is especially important.

5. Clean Fresh Space

Buyers want to see a clean, bright home. Fresh paint, decluttered rooms and impeccably cleaned floors, bathrooms and kitchen show buyers your home is well maintained. Make sure your home also smells clean and fresh. Pet odors, smoke or musty smells can be off-putting.

6. Natural finishes

Granite or natural stone counters in the kitchen and bathrooms are a luxurious touch that will set your home apart from the competition. Natural flooring such as hardwood or bamboo is still a popular feature. These features add value to your home as today’s buyers want quality finishes.

7. Finished basements

Extra living space in a finished basement is another popular item on buyers’ wish lists. If your home has a finished basement, make sure it is warm and comfortable. Easy updates such as fresh paint and new broadloom carpet can help your home sell quickly.

8. Updated Bathroom

Nothing scares buyers away faster than dated, dirty and ugly bathrooms. If a complete renovation is not in your budget, consider refreshing the cabinets with paint, changing the hardware, installing a new counter, toilet and modern faucet. For more tips on remodeling a bathroom for resale, HGTV has a good article here.

9. Updated Windows

Old windows can be a deterrent for buyers. They can also lower the value of your home. Make sure your windows are in good working order. New, energy efficient windows are a good selling point as the buyer doesn’t have to worry about renovating their new home.

By focusing on the key features home buyers want, you will garner more buyer interest, and increase the chance of selling your home quickly. Offering good value and quality can set your home apart from competitive listings.  Please have a look at our posts on home improvements with the best ROI here and worst ROI here.

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